Invest in Olsztyn, see what the capital of Warmia and Masuria has to offer.

Are there ideal places for business development? Is it worth taking a closer look at the not-so-obvious locations that hide great potential? To what extent can the Olsztyn market prove to be a place sought by Business Operations Strategists? The participants of the conference entitled "Time for Warmia and Masuria. Time for Olsztyn. " tried to answer all these questions.

On April 17, 2018, at 10:00 at the Hilton Warsaw Hotel & Convention Center, the conference held with the Olsztyn local authorities was held. The event, organised by the Warmia and Mazury Marshal's Office and the Town Hall of Olsztyn,  was addressed to enterprises looking for attractive locations for investments.

During the conference, the representatives of the different companies (ABSL, Randstad, City Handlowy, Transcom and Centaurus) talked about new trends on the labor and investment market as well as about their experience in the Olsztyn area. Piotr Burczyk from the Marshal's Office of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship and the president of Olsztyn, Piotr Grzymowicz were encouraging the participant to make use of the incredible possibilities offered by the Warmia and Masuria capital. 

The president of Olsztyn said: “Olsztyn is a city of sustainable development, growing dynamically and with a great potential. It is the seat of many significant companies, such as: Michelin, City Handlowy or Transcom. Besides, the local companies, known both on the domestic and global market, play an important role in the development of the city and the whole region.

We also have excellent vocational schools, with the innovative, state-of-the-art equipment and a qualified staff. There is also a prestigious university, which provides education specialisations desired by today labor market.”

Olsztyn is located in the vicinity of the Land of the Great Masurian Lakes - one of the 14 most beautiful regions in the world according to the ranking of the Swiss foundation New7Wonders. This is a place where it is easier to balance work and private life. Important advantages appreciated by entrepreneurs are: lower labor costs, compared to other Polish cities, educated staff and developing infrastructure, including class A office spaces, perfectly suited to corporate requirements. When running a business, you can combine a place to live with a place to work. Working and relaxing by the water - sounds great, doesn’t it?

After the official part of the conference, the participants took part in a networking lunch during which they had the opportunity to talk with the conference speakers and the local government representatives, including the President of Olsztyn. There will be two more Olsztyn-related events soon: the Second Congress of the Future (June 7-8) and the cornerstone laying ceremony for the multi-purpose Centaurus investment (June 14).