Legal notice


  1. Reservations can be made for the selected flat for a period not longer than 3 days. The reservation can be renewed after this deadline. However, the developer has the right to refuse to extend the reservation.
  2. The free premises reservation for the time specified in these Regulations will be introduced only if the person reserving the premises gave their consent for processing of personal data in order for INOPA Investment Centaurus Sp. z o.o. to send commercial offers to the indicated e-mail address, as well as providing the data of the person making the reservation, such as:
    • a) name and surname
    • b) telephone number,
    • c) email address.
  3. Reservations can be made:
    • a) in person at the Developer's Sales Offices,
    • b) by phone,
    • c) or by e-mail.
  4. For a reservation to be valid, it must be confirmed by the Developer:
    • a) by phone,
    • b) personally at the Dealer's sales offices,
    • c) or by e-mail.
  5. Thanks to the reservation, the Client gains, among others:
    • a) time to analyse the offer together with the template of the contract and supporting documents, as well as to agree on the details of the transaction,
    • b) the possibility of consulting with the Developer’s Interior Design Department the scope of possible changes in the design of the real estate concerned,
    • c) the possibility of determining the terms of financing through bank loans in consultation with the Developer’s Loans Department,
    • d) time to prepare themselves for signing a development contract or reservation agreement.
  6. The reservation is free of charge and is does not take a form of an agreement and its expiration or resignation from it does not generate any financial and legal consequences for either Party.
  7. If during the reservation period the Developer receives a notification from another person determined to purchase the reserved premises, the customer who made the reservation has priority.
  8. The developer is entitled to sell the reserved flat if:
    • a) the reservation period for the premises expires (reservation expires) or,
    • b) the person who reserved the premises will cancel the reservation before the deadline expires.
  9. The reservation may be canceled by the Customer:
    • a) by phone,
    • b) personally at the Developer's Sales Office,
    • c) or by e-mail.
  10. Information regarding the investments being offered (any graphical and text materials presented) provided on do not constitute a commercial offer or public assurance as defined by the Civil Code. Binding commercial offers are issued to Clients at Sales Offices.


  1. The administrator of Users' personal data, within the meaning of the Act of 29/08/1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 101, item 926, as amended), is INOPA Investment Centaurus Sp. z o.o. with headquarters at ul. Marynarki Polskiej 163 in Gdańsk, hereinafter referred to as the "Administrator".
  2. Users' personal data are processed only with the consent of the User.
  3. The User's personal data are processed in accordance with the Act of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data referred to above and will be processed for the following purposes:
    • a) making the reservation of the premises, preparing the residential and commercial offer and consulting on the selection of the best offer,
    • b) sending commercial offers of products and services through INOPA Investment Centaurus Sp. z o.o.
  4. Providing personal data by the User is voluntary. Each User has the right to access their data and correct it. Each User also has the right to withdraw consent for processing of personal data by sending a relevant request to the email address, giving his name and the title of the e-mail: REMOVING THE PERSONAL DATA.
  5. The cancellation of the consent referred to in item 4 during the reservation period will result in the automatic cancellation of the reservation.
  6. By selecting the appropriate box under the contact form, the user also agrees to receive commercial information by e-mail, in accordance with the Act of 18/07/2002 on the provision of electronic services (Journal of Laws of 2013, item 1422). This consent may be canceled by the User by sending a relevant request to the e-mail address:, giving his name and the title of the e-mail: REMOVING FROM THE NEWSLETTER BASE.
  7. Information on the offered investments found on the website does not constitute an offer within the meaning of art. 66 k.c.


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